Effects of Deposition Strategy and Preheating Temperature on Thermo-Mechanical Characteristics of Inconel 718 Super-Alloy Deposited on AISI 1045 Substrate Using a DED Process

Ho Kim, Kwang-Kyu Lee, Dong-Gyu Ahn, Hyub Lee
2021 Materials  
Thermomechanical characteristics are highly dependent on the deposition strategy of the directed energy deposition (DED) process, including the deposition path, the interpass time, the deposition volume, etc., as well as the preheating condition of the substrate. This paper aims to investigate the effects of the deposition strategy and the preheating temperature on thermomechanical characteristics of Inconel 718 super-alloy deposited on an AISI 1045 substrate using a DED process via finite
more » ... nt analyses (FEAs). FE models for different deposition strategies and preheating temperatures are created to examine the thermomechanical behavior. Sixteen deposition strategies are adopted to perform FEAs. The heat sink coefficient is estimated from a comparison of temperature histories of experiments and those of FEAs to obtain appropriate FE models. The influence of deposition strategies on residual stress distributions in the designed model for a small volume deposition is examined to determine feasible deposition strategies. In addition, the effects of the deposition strategy and the preheating temperature on residual stress distributions of the designed part for large volume deposition are investigated to predict a suitable deposition strategy of the DED head and appropriate preheating temperature of the substrate.
doi:10.3390/ma14071794 pmid:33916394 fatcat:2grhnib4l5dnpazbagvnsistb4