Asymptotic normalization coefficients and the7Be(p,γ)8BastrophysicalSfactor

A. Azhari, V. Burjan, F. Carstoiu, C. A. Gagliardi, V. Kroha, A. M. Mukhamedzhanov, F. M. Nunes, X. Tang, L. Trache, R. E. Tribble
2001 Physical Review C  
We consider the results of two proton transfer reactions, 10 B( 7 Be, 8 B) 9 Be and 14 N( 7 Be, 8 B) 13 C, to obtain a weighted average of the measured asymptotic normalization coefficients for the virtual transition 7 Be ϩp↔ 8 B. These coefficients specify the amplitude of the tail of the 8 B overlap function in the 7 Beϩp channel, and are used to calculate the astrophysical S factor for the direct capture reaction 7 Be(p,␥) 8 B at solar energies, S 17 (0). In light of recent improvements in
more » ... t improvements in the determination of optical-model potentials, including detailed understanding of the correlations between the DWBA analyses of the two experiments, and a new experimental measurement of the asymptotic normalization coefficients for the virtual transition 13 Cϩp↔ 14 N, we report a weighted average asymptotic normalization coefficient of C p 3/2 2 ϭ0.388Ϯ0.039 fm Ϫ1 for 8 B ↔ 7 Beϩp, which implies S 17 (0)ϭ17.3Ϯ1.8 eV b.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.63.055803 fatcat:x7hpcraxmbfufbxnom5zi5e3be