А Person with a Game Addiction as a Victim of the Crime of Gambling

A.P. Kytun N.A. Lugina
2019 Zenodo  
The article deals with the concepts and essential features of a victim of the crime of gambling. The concept of "gambling" is defined and normative legal acts in the sphere of regulation of gambling are analyzed. The authors analyze the types of victims of gambling crime and their criminologically relevant features. The stages of game addiction have been characterized and the psychological illness of "Ludomania" has been investigated. The authors name the circumstances that create gambling
more » ... reate gambling cravings for individuals. A survey of court decisions was conducted on why the status of a victim of criminal offense of gambling was not granted. Also important is the fact that the authors outline the regulatory and legal aspects of regulating gambling in Ukraine, and indicate the types of liability that are currently applied to the said offense. There are also a number of legal conflicts, which are in the legal acts that regulate public relations in the field of gambling. Also relevant to the article is the fact that the authors analyzed the psychological aspect of gambling, which has a negative impact on civil society, and noted the factors (determinants) of the said negative phenomenon, which give rise to and stimulate the development of offenses in this area. The statistics of persons with gambling addiction in Ukraine are examined. Relations between the offender and the victim and the situations that precede the crime of engaging in gambling are analyzed. The methods of victimology prevention of gambling business are listed. The authors suggested the following ways to prevent gambling and reduce the victims of this crime: improve law enforcement agencies' gambling control, maintain a register of persons with gambling addiction, and provide them with free psychologist assistance.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3608057 fatcat:qprhlkuz3fe7rlro2dhhzsneay