Tatiana Mermanishvili, Giorgi Pataraia, Nana Chanturidze
2021 Zenodo  
In Georgia, in addition to natural sources, the danger of environmental pollution by lead ions is posed by the Kazreti ore plant. When enriching polymetallic ores, the Mashavera River is heavily polluted. In addition, anti-hail rockets have been used in the Kakheti region for decades, accompanied by an abundant use of lead compound sprays in the environment. The massive consumption of cheap petrol containing tetraethyl lead is also a big problem. The aim of this work was an experimental study
more » ... xperimental study of the effects of low doses of lead on the transport function of erythrocytes. This study will clarify how, by entering the body in living conditions, lead affects the ability to maximize the realization of physical activity in areas of increased risk of lead contamination. The study results indicate that long-term intake of small doses of lead, even in the absence of visible clinical manifestations, reduces the transport function of erythrocytes, and also possibly limiting the oxygen transport in myocytes and its deposition in tissues and diffusion into cells. There is no doubt that these changes will limit the ability to maximize the realization of physical activity. As a recommendation, the regular use of natural therapeutic and prophylactic agents can be offered. This will lead to the removal of lead ions, both previously accumulated and those taken daily into the body, leading to the normalization of metabolic disorders caused by their exposure.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4661696 fatcat:2ufocsbamvag3f2bu5zdhcv3di