An Entropy Inequality for The Bi-Multivariate Hypergeometric Distribution

Fred Kochman, Alan Murray, Douglas B. West
1989 Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society  
Given parameters r = /■],...,rm and c = C\,...,c" with £^r¡ = "Y^Cj = N, the bi-multivariate hypergeometric distribution is the distribution on nonnegative integer m x n matrices with row sums r and column sums c defined by Prob(^) = F[ r¡\ fT Cj\/(N\ IT ay!). It is shown that the entropy of this distribution is a Schur-concave function of the block-size parameters.
doi:10.2307/2047838 fatcat:7mtbcuexhbcnnbj5dzv7rkceei