On relevant boundary perturbations of unitary minimal models

A. Recknagel, D. Roggenkamp, V. Schomerus
2000 Nuclear Physics B  
We consider unitary Virasoro minimal models on the disk with Cardy boundary conditions and discuss deformations by certain relevant boundary operators, analogous to tachyon condensation in string theory. Concentrating on the least relevant boundary field, we can perform a perturbative analysis of renormalization group fixed points. We find that the systems always flow towards stable fixed points which admit no further (non-trivial) relevant perturbations. The new conformal boundary conditions
more » ... e in general given by superpositions of 'pure' Cardy boundary conditions.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(00)00519-8 fatcat:wqd33bn5rffrngbo7tlrhji6we