Importance of Characterisation Techniques in Applied Material

Deepali Maidh, Bashir Ahmed
Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research Print   unpublished
With the growing interest in the field of space science, the study of the constituents of space and effect of space radiation on the structural materials and electronic components of space ships, has assumed a great importance. Radiation damage to structural materials in nuclear technology is already a significant factor in assessing the economic viability of the breeder reactor in it promises to play an even more significant role in the space technology. Polymer is one of the important classes
more » ... of space materials in addition of various metals, alloys and ceramics. On account of successful developments in the physics and chemistry of polymers during last three decades, they have achieved the highest production status as compared to conventional materials like metals and ceramics etc. In addition to this, their economical superiority, vast spectra of physical properties, wide nature of mechanical parameters, flexibility, lightness, optical transparency, easy processing etc. also help polymer industry in highest growth rate among others. As space material, they are analyses by using the various techniques' like XRD, UV-VIS Spectroscopy, FTIR SEM, IR Electrical analysis, Magnetic Resonance etc.