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1989 Journal of the history of medicine and allied sciences  
The 30th Annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies was held from March 31 to April 2 at the Palmer House, Chicago. Among the panels organized for the meeting, the following were of interest to East Asian librarians. A. A panel on "Current Bibliographical Services in East Asia," organized and chaired by Tze-chung Li of the Rosary College Graduate School of Library Science, included papers on contemporary China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. In his paper on "Recent Bibliographic
more » ... cent Bibliographic Sources on Mainland China," Ernst Wolff, librarian of the Far Eastern Library, University of Illinois, emphasized, on one hand, the paucity of current bibliographies emanating from the People's Republic of China, and on the other hand described in some detail the richness of western-language research guides for Chinese studies published since 1970. Yukihisa Suzuki of the Graduate School of Library Studies, University of Hawaii, provided a thoroughgoing analysis of bibliographic services available in Japan, with special attention to the needs of Japan studies specialists. The speaker also pointed to the need for American librarians to establish closer relation ships with the Japanese research library community, noting in particular that the close cooperation of the National Diet Library is a prerequisite for any major bibliographical project or activity. Gertrude Soonja Koh of the Rosary College Graduate School of Library Science described "Bibliographic Services in Korea," citing the importance of the Central National Library, the National Assembly Library, and the Korean Publishers Association in providing current national bibliographies for governmental and trade publications. She also described the special services provided to the scientific community through such research and documentation centers as the Korean Institute of Science and Technology and the Korean Science and Technology Information Center, which were established to support scientific, technological, and industrial development in South Korea. John Yung-hsiang Lai, associate librarian, Harvard-Yenching Library of Harvard University, covered "Current Bibliographical Services in Taiwan." The appendix to his report, subtitled "A Check-list of Bibliographical Works Compiled in Taiwan Since 1967," contained an impressive listing of 195 entries, including union catalogs, national bibliographical compilations, library catalogs, special ized bibliographies, indexes and abstracts, and general reference works. Kan Lai-bing, university librarian of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, in presenting the final formal paper, commenced her study of "Current Bibliographical Services in Hong Kong" by observing that the Crown Colony possesses neither a national library nor a national bibliographical center. Nevertheless, according to the speaker, a full array of services, such as national bibliography substitutes, periodical indexes and abstracts, government translation services, and information sources for industry, are available.
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