MPI performance evaluation and characterization using a compact application benchmark code [report]

P.H. Worley
1996 unpublished
EO. Box 2008 worleyph Oak Ridge, TN 3783 1-6367 Abstract In this pager the pamllel bencivnank code PsrSWM u used to evaluate the performance of the venabr-supplied implementations of the MPI message-passing standard on the Intel Paragon, IBM SP2, and Crq Research T3D. This study is meant to complement the performance evaluation of individual MPI commands by providing informarion on the practical significance of MP1 performance on the execution of a communication-intensive application
more » ... ensive application c& In parnbthr; thme perfonnancc questions an addnsscd. how impoitant is the commwricarion pmtocoi in &tenninhg pqfomance when using MPI. how docJ MPI pe@oo"M"cc c~m p~m with that of the Mtivc communication library and how &cient are the collective communication mutines.
doi:10.2172/244663 fatcat:g63vlcmh3nezxdka3m5sh7ly6a