Splenic atrophy as complication of ulcerative colitis diagnosed by antigranulocyte antibodies labeled with Tc-99m-pertechnetate

Drazen Huić, Jurica Vuković, Irena Senecić-Cala, Damir Dodig
2003 Croatian Medical Journal  
The scintigraphic examination with Tc-99m pertechnetate-labeled anti-NCA 95 antigranulocyte antibodies (AGAb) was performed in a 14-year-old boy with a 7-year history of poorly controlled ulcerative colitis to estimate the spread and activity of the disease. The disturbance of the splenic function was also suspected because Howell-Jolly bodies were present in the peripheral blood smears. High AGAb uptake in the rectum, sigma, and descending colon was observed on scintigraphy scans, indicating
more » ... active inflammatory process. Slight depression of hemopoiesis was also noticed. The spleen was not visible on the scans, although it was visible on ultrasound examination performed a few years earlier. Because of the refractory disease, total colectomy was performed. The spleen was not found on surgery. This case shows all benefits of using AGAb as a diagnostic tool. With a single injection we were able to show the spread and activity of the intestinal disease, distribution and function of the granulopoietic bone marrow, and absence of the spleen.
pmid:14652894 fatcat:w35v4zaohzelldlazy2xj45jnq