Maryland Gazette September 1799

(:Unkn) Unknown
ExIraB cf a itlttr from (of Imm Sir W S Smitk, to Mr. 7vVy/««. dattd *ifrt, iff Tnfeti, in Sjrim> tk, aaf if Jfril, 1799. 1 beg leave to trsnfmit, for the information of my lords commiflioners of (he admiralty, e copy of my report to the right honourable ciii St. Vincent, of late events in this quarter. meant to march from thence on the aoth or 301(1 i-To cnfure she fafety of his *rmy, and to reinfort March, 1799.' * MY LOUD, • : Î have the honour to inform yea that, in cortfequcnce of
more » ... nce from Ghezar Rich a, governor of Syria, of the incur/ion of general Buonaparte'1 army into ihat province, and his approach to itt cap). tal, Acre, 1 hattened *ith a portion of the naval forceunder my orders (o its relief, and had rhl fatJsfaAiosj to arrive there two days before the enemy made bis ap. pe; ranee. Much was done in this interval under the direAion of capnin Miller, of the Thefeus. and cnlnnel Phely. peaux, towards puiting the place in a bttttr fiate of defence, to refift the attack of an European annyt nd (he preftnce of B>iti(h nivml force appeared to encourage and decide the Ptcha and hit troops to make a vigournus refillHnce. Theerem)'s advancrd guard fale to c. rnmer.ce at 11 o'clirk, and fcr readv CA«;n
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