Effect of Rheology of Fresh Paste on the Pore Structure and Properties of Pervious Concrete Based on the High Fluidity Alkali-Activated Slag

Haining Geng, Qing Xu, Saiful B. Duraman, Qiu Li
2021 Crystals  
Pervious concrete is made of cementitious materials, coarse aggregate, water and additives, with characteristic macro- and meso-connected pore structure, which enables the acceptable mechanical properties and high water permeability for pavement and road applications. In this study, the effect of rheology of fresh alkali-activated slag paste on the sedimentation of paste on the bottom of pervious concrete, meso-structure, connected porosity, mechanical properties and water permeability was
more » ... tigated by a range of analytical techniques through varying the equivalent alkali content to control the rheology of fresh paste in the pervious concrete. The compressive strength of pervious concrete was related to the percentage area of paste and the average thickness of paste on the surface of coarse aggregate. The tensile strength and water permeability were correlated to the connected porosity of pervious concrete and the rheology of fresh paste. A relative lower fluidity, higher viscosity and shear stress of fresh alkali-activated slag paste favoured lower sedimentation of paste on the bottom of pervious concrete, higher connected porosity, tensile strength and water permeability. There was no correlation between compressive strength and tensile strength of pervious concrete.
doi:10.3390/cryst11060593 fatcat:vleh2464ynboxoyqfofefryova