Target specific routing of visual information by the superior colliculus [article]

Katja Reinhard, Chen Li, Quan Do, Emily Burke, Steven Heynderickx, Karl Farrow
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
The superior colliculus is an important node in the visual system that receives inputs from the retina and distributes these visual features to various downstream brain nuclei. It remains unknown how these circuits are wired to enable specific and reliable information processing. Here the retinal ganglion cells at the beginning of two such circuits, one targeting the pulvinar and the other the parabigeminal nucleus, were labeled using mono-synaptically restricted rabies tracing. Instead of a
more » ... ng. Instead of a fuzzy distribution of the retinal outputs, we delineate clear preferences in how information is routed to these two targets. Three retinal ganglion cell types selectively innervated circuits projecting to the pulvinar, six are preferentially routed to the parabigeminal nucleus, and three innervate both circuits. This work argues that neural circuits of the superior colliculus are based on a dedicated set of connections between specific retinal ganglion cell types and different targets of the superior colliculus.
doi:10.1101/272914 fatcat:6klkqx5qbzbwjpdrx355sdnppy