Effects of Calcitriol or Calcium on Bone Mineral Density, Bone Turnover, and Fractures in Men with Primary Osteoporosis: A Two-Year Randomized, Double Blind, Double Placebo Study

Peter R. Ebeling, John D. Wark, Stella Yeung, Cathy Poon, Nouria Salehi, Geoffrey C. Nicholson, Mark A. Kotowicz
2001 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism  
Abbreviations: BMC, Bone mineral content; BMD, bone mineral density; FCA, fractional calcium absorption; ITT, intention to treat; NTx, N-telopeptide cross-links; OC, osteocalcin; 25OHD, 25-hydroxyvitamin D; 1,25-(OH) 2 D 3 , 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D 3 .
doi:10.1210/jcem.86.9.7847 pmid:11549632 fatcat:bt2z4e6x3bhi3oea4wout6tbpm