Phase-space noncommutative extension of the Robertson-Schrödinger formulation of Ozawa's uncertainty principle

Catarina Bastos, Alex E. Bernardini, Orfeu Bertolami, Nuno Costa Dias, João Nuno Prata
2015 Physical Review D  
We revisit Ozawa's uncertainty principle (OUP) in the framework of noncommutative (NC) quantum mechanics. We derive a matrix version of OUP accommodating any NC structure in the phase-space, and compute NC corrections to lowest order for two measurement interactions, namely the Backaction Evading Quadrature Amplifier and Noiseless Quadrature Transducers. These NC corrections alter the nature of the measurement interaction, as a noiseless interaction may acquire noise, and an interaction of
more » ... endent intervention may become dependent of the object system. However the most striking result is that noncommutativity may lead to a violation of the OUP itself. The NC corrections for the Backaction Evading Quadrature Amplifier reveal a new term which may potentially be amplified in such a way that the violation of the OUP becomes experimentally testable. On the other hand, the NC corrections to the Noiseless Quadrature Transducer shows an incompatibility of this model with NC quantum mechanics. We discuss the implications of this incompatibility for NC quantum mechanics and for Ozawa's uncertainty principle.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.91.065036 fatcat:dgeerlwjerhs5bwnjvkzohwko4