Effect of Active Nutrient Uptake on Heading Under Low Temperature in Rice

Woon-Ha Hwang, Jea Ran Kang, Jung-Sun Baek, Sung-Hyun An, Jae-Heok Jeong, Han-Yong Jeong, Hyen-Seok Lee, Jong-Tak Yun, Gun-Hwi Lee, Kyung-Jin Choi
2016 Korean Journal of Crop Science  
Heading time is important element for yield and quality in crops. Among day length and temperature which influence on heading, temperature effect has not been investigated well. To investigate temperature effect on heading, heading date and plant growth characters were checked under the low and high temperature conditions in short day length. Analyzing heading date of six Korean varieties under the high and low temperature condition, heading date of varieties were delayed under low temperature.
more » ... In the low temperature condition, dry weight and area of leaf were reduced. Varieties showing more delay of heading under low temperature also showed more reduction in leaf area. After selecting three varieties showing significant difference in leaf growth and heading date under different temperature conditions, nutrient contents of plant were analyzed. Nitrogen content was reduced in leaf and shoot under the low temperature condition. OsNRT2.3, nitrate transporter, was significantly down regulated in varieties showing more heading delay. Available phosphate content was decreased in leaf, but increased in shoot due to reduction of phosphate mobility. OsPT1, phosphate transporter regulating phosphate uptake, was more down regulated in varieties showing more heading delay. OsPT6, phosphate transporter regulating phosphate transport in plant, was also significantly down regulated in those varieties. With these data, we expected that active nitrogen and available phosphate uptake and transport in plant would increase leaf growth then might reduce heading delay under the low temperature condition.
doi:10.7740/kjcs.2016.61.3.163 fatcat:awopilttnfcalgyjufzu5eyhfm