waviCGH: a web application for the analysis and visualization of genomic copy number alterations

Angel Carro, Daniel Rico, Oscar M. Rueda, Ram�n D�az-Uriarte, David G. Pisano
2010 Nucleic Acids Research  
waviCGH is a versatile web server for the analysis and comparison of genomic copy number alterations in multiple samples from any species. waviCGH processes data generated by high density SNP-arrays, array-CGH or copy-number calls generated by any technique. waviCGH includes methods for pre-processing of the data, segmentation, calling of gains and losses, and minimal common regions determination over a set of experiments. The server is a user-friendly interface to the analytical methods, with
more » ... mphasis on results visualization in a genomic context. Analysis tools are introduced to the user as the different steps to follow in an experimental protocol. All the analysis steps generate high quality images and tables ready to be imported into spreadsheet programs. Additionally, for human, mouse and rat, altered regions are represented in a biological context by mapping them into chromosomes in an integrated cytogenetic browser. waviCGH is available at
doi:10.1093/nar/gkq441 pmid:20507915 pmcid:PMC2896163 fatcat:jsj7tpobtzb3rbjc3oyqu6agla