Suppression of the charge-density-wave state inSr10Ca4Cu24o41by external pressure

C. A. Kuntscher, A. Huber, M. Hücker
2014 Physical Review B  
The influence of external pressure on the charge-density-wave (CDW) ground state of the quasi-one-dimensional two-leg ladder compound Sr_10Ca_4Cu_24O_41 has been studied by optical reflectivity measurements as a function of temperature (10 - 300 K) and pressure P (0.3 - 4.3 GPa) over the spectral range 580 - 6000 cm^1. With increasing pressure the CDW transition temperature T_CDW decreases with the linear pressure coefficient ≈-70 K/GPa, and above ≈3 GPa the CDW phase is suppressed at all
more » ... atures. This behavior is similar to that in compounds Sr_14-xCa_xCu_24O_41 with increasing Ca content x at ambient pressure, with the simple scaling x ≈ 3· P(GPa). The size of the CDW gap decreases with increasing pressure, whereas the dimensionality of the high-temperature insulating phase in Sr_10Ca_4Cu_24O_41 within the ladder plane is hardly affected by external pressure.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.89.134510 fatcat:hh2eatblzrfsdkmuzx2jhcr3dq