1908 Botanical Gazette  
fact that a protostclic genus Lygodium occurs among the living Schizaeaceae, throws-no light on the morphological nature of the pith in the central cylinder of the other schizaeaceous genera Schizaea, Aneimia, and Mohria. E. C. JEFFREY. Mitosis in Cynomorium.-BACCARINI'6 has published an account of vegetative mitosis in Cynomorium coccineum (Balanophoraceae). From a study of the nucleus in meristem of the roots and in parenchyma of the stem, he finds the following stages: (i) Prophase: (a)
more » ... atin granules are uniformly distributed throughout the fundamental mass of the nucleus, with or without still larger chromatin knots or joints, the chromocenters; (b) the chromatic granules, separating from the faintly staining fundamental mass of the nucleus, aggregate gradually into a distinct number of larger masses, the chromocenters; (c) these chromocenters unite to form larger masses, more compact and lengthened, which constitute the prochromosomes; (d) some prochromosomes fuse together by their ends into a chain, which finally results in filaments of the spirem; the spirem by this time is homogeneous in structure, but it is uncertain whether it is a single continuous thread; (e) the filaments of the spirem segment into a definite number of chromosomes, which seem to be more numerous than the prochromosomes. (2) Metaphase: The chromosomes become arranged in the equatorial plate, where they divide and the daughter chromosomes separate. (3) Anaphase: The chromosomes accumulate in a convergent bundle at the pole. (4) Telophase: The chromosomes dissolve and form the fundamental nuclear mass with its chromatin granules.-SHIGEO YAMANOUCHI. i6 BACCARINI, P., Sulle cinesi vegetative del Cynomoriumn coccineitm L. Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital. I5:539-203. pI. 7. I o8. '7 GOEBEL, K., Archegoniatenstudien. XII. Ueber die Brutknospenbildung und utber die systematische Stellung von Riella, Flora 98:308-323. figs. II. I908. This content downloaded from 128.083.063.
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