Cognition and Student-Centered, Web-Based Learning: Issues and Implications for Research and Theory [chapter]

Michael J. Hannafin, Kathleen M. Hannafin
2009 Learning and Instruction in the Digital Age  
During student-centered learning, the individual assumes responsibility for determining learning goals, monitoring progress toward meeting goals, adjusting or adapting approaches as warranted, and determining when individual goals have been adequately addressed. This can be particularly challenging in learning from the World Wide Web, where billions of resources address a variety of needs. The individual must identify which tools and resources are available and appropriate, how to assemble
more » ... ow to assemble them, and how to manage the process to support unique learning goals. We analyze the applicability of current cognitive principles to learning from Web-based multimedia, review and critically analyze issues related to student-centered learning from Web-based multimedia, and describe implications for research and theory. Introduction The effectiveness of didactic methods has been demonstrated, but significant recent interest has been evident in user-centered, Web-based multimedia. This chapter focuses on student-centered learning in Web-based environments wherein the individual determines goals, selects or devises approaches to address the goals, and interprets and constructs meaning. We emphasize primarily research on learning from and/or with the Web, as well as related cognitive and multimedia research with implications for Web-based learning. We compare the cognitive demands of ill-structured and externally structured learning, review and analyze research and practice related to student-centered learning from Web-based multimedia, and describe implications for research, theory, and practice. While many research-based learning and cognition principles are readily applicable to student-centered, Web-based learning, epistemological shifts and advances in
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