Robust Sparse Recovery with Sparse Bernoulli matrices via Expanders [article]

Pedro Abdalla
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Sparse binary matrices are of great interest in the field of compressed sensing. This class of matrices make possible to perform signal recovery with lower storage costs and faster decoding algorithms. In particular, random matrices formed by i.i.d Bernoulli p random variables are of practical relevance in the context of nonnegative sparse recovery. In this work, we investigate the robust nullspace property of sparse Bernoulli p matrices. Previous results in the literature establish that such
more » ... trices can accurately recover n-dimensional s-sparse vectors with m=O (s/c(p)logen/s ) measurements, where c(p) ≤ p is a constant that only depends on the parameter p. These results suggest that, when p vanishes, the sparse Bernoulli matrix requires considerably more measurements than the minimal necessary achieved by the standard isotropic subgaussian designs. We show that this is not true. Our main result characterizes, for a wide range of levels sparsity s, the smallest p such that it is possible to perform sparse recovery with the minimal number of measurements. We also provide matching lower bounds to establish the optimality of our results.
arXiv:2112.14148v2 fatcat:l62pyces45hybm3wfvwfnbg6iy