Mass Flow Analysis of the Ultraviolet Spectrum of UW Canis Majoris [chapter]

H. Drechsel, Y. Kondo, G. E. McCluskey, J. Rahe
1980 Close Binary Stars: Observations and Interpretation  
The ultraviolet spectrum of the close binary UW CMa (= HD 57060; 07f la + 0-B), obtained with the COPERNICUS (0A0-3) and IUE satellites, is analyzed in terms of a comparison between observed P Cygni resonance line profiles and theoretical calculations in an expanding model atmosphere. The line fit suggests an electron temperature of the circum-stellar gas of T = 2.2 x 10^ K, and a mass loss rate from the 07f component of dM/dt = 2.3 x 10" 6 M Q ' yr" 1 .
doi:10.1007/978-94-009-9038-8_32 fatcat:qc3ct2rfkbgovpe4uapfypvdmu