Black hole thermodynamics, stringy dualities and double field theory

Alex S Arvanitakis, Chris D A Blair
2017 Classical and quantum gravity  
We discuss black hole thermodynamics in the manifestly duality invariant formalism of double field theory (DFT). We reformulate and prove the first law of black hole thermodynamics in DFT, using the covariant phase space approach. After splitting the full O(D, D) invariant DFT into a Kaluza-Klein-inspired form where only n coordinates are doubled, our results provide explicit duality invariant mass and entropy formulas. We illustrate how this works by discussing the black fundamental string solution and its T-duals.
doi:10.1088/1361-6382/aa5a59 fatcat:pmpx5z3fs5bwffw7z66vxmrmuu