Ms Rosy
Make in India, since its very appearance on the political and economic front has grasped the attention of policy makers and thinkers all around the world in general and of India in particular. India is an economy characterised by indefinite potential in terms of resources, workforce and market. But at the same time, under exploitation of these factors is an important bottleneck that needs to be overcome. For a successful Make in India campaign, an enabling business environment is required at
more » ... t is required at every step. The business environment includes all the internal and external factors that affect the working and existence of a business enterprise. The proposed study seeks to identify various components in external environment that have the potential of proving to be an opportunity or risk of turning out into a threat for Make in India initiative. For the purpose of this study, PEST (Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, and Technological) analysis of business environment would be performed. Research design is basically exploratory in nature and will employ inputs from reports and statistics of agencies of good standing.