Architecture and Implementation of Guide, an Object-Oriented Distributed System

Roland Balter, J. Bernadat, Dominique Decouchant, Andrzej Duda, André Freyssinet, Sacha Krakowiak, Marie Meysembourg, P. Le Dot, H. Nguyen Van, E. Paire, Michel Riveill, Cécile Roisin (+3 others)
1991 Computing Systems  
This paper describes the architecture and implementation of an object-oriented distributed operating system. The system is called Guide (Grenoble Universities Integrated Distributed Environment). Its main features are the following: an object model is embodied in a language including the notions of type and class with single inheritance; execution units (obs) are multi-threaded virtual machines that may dynamically diffr.rse to several nodes; objects are dynamically linked to jobs, and may be
more » ... ared between jobs; the system provides a distributed object memory for the storage of persistent objects; the system supports synchronized objects and transactions. The paper describes the general organization of the system, execution structures, object memory and transactions. The first implementation on top of UNIX is described. Some performance figures and a first qualitative evaluation are given.
dblp:journals/csys/BalterBDDFKMVPRRPSV91 fatcat:tc7onsxnuzbplbvcjdfitchec4