Deep Inelastic Muon Nucleon Scattering [report]

Vinod Kumar Bharadwaj
1977 unpublished
This thesis reports some results from an experiment using a high energy muon beam incident upon a liquid hydrogen target performed at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Illinois, USA. It is solely concerned with the inclusive muon scattering distributions. The results reported are derived from the analysis of data taken at two incident momenta, 96 GeV/c and 147 GeV/c. Values of the inelastic structure function vW are presented for to up to 1000, albeit with different Q 2 ranges at
more » ... ent u). The values of R, the ratio of the longitudinal to transverse virtual photon cross-sections are extracted in a limited kinematic region, but with large errors. Overall fits are made to the data assuming R has a constant form. The Callan-Gross sum rule is evaluated using data from this experiment in conjunction with previous electron scattering experiments. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
doi:10.2172/1406599 fatcat:y7c6braihbfepepxnm6qskgdeq