A Multi-scale Visual Analytics Approach for Exploring Biomedical Knowledge [article]

Fahd Husain, Rosa Romero-Gomez, Emily Kuang, Dario Segura, Adamo Carolli, Lai Chung Liu, Manfred Cheung, Yohann Paris
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This paper describes an ongoing multi-scale visual analytics approach for exploring and analyzing biomedical knowledge at scale.We utilize global and local views, hierarchical and flow-based graph layouts, multi-faceted search, neighborhood recommendations, and document visualizations to help researchers interactively explore, query, and analyze biological graphs against the backdrop of biomedical knowledge. The generality of our approach - insofar as it re-quires only knowledge graphs linked
more » ... documents - means it can support a range of therapeutic use cases across different domains, from disease propagation to drug discovery. Early interactions with domain experts support our approach for use cases with graphs with over 40,000 nodes and 350,000 edges.
arXiv:2109.06828v2 fatcat:b6ej4vtx3fgzhpujpks56j5mwe