The chemistry of 1-boraadamantane

B. M. Mikhailov
1983 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
l-Boraadamantane is a unique compound both in respect of its structure and chemical behaviour. Methods for the synthesis of the l-boraadamantane compounds, their reactions with carbonyl compounds, aromatic nitriles, nitrogenous and phosphorous ylides, as well as protolysis, halogenation, carbonylation, and amination of the 1-boraadamantane derivatives are described. An application of l-boraadamantane to organic synthesis is considered, including the preparation of the adamantane, homoadamantane, and l-azaadamantane compounds.
doi:10.1351/pac198355091439 fatcat:q4y5hyps4zbybkwniw2axvswue