Corrosion Tests of Lwr Fuels – Nuclide Release

Patricia A. Finn, Yifen Tsai, James C. Cunnane
2002 Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings  
Two BWR fuels [64 and 71 (MWd)/kgU], one of which contained 2% Gd, and two PWR fuels [30 and 45 (MWd)/kgU], are tested by dripping groundwater on the fuels under oxidizing and hydrologically unsaturated conditions for times ranging from 2.4 to 8.2 yr at 90°C. The 9 9 T~, 1291, 137Cs, 97Mo, and 90Sr releases are presented to show the effects of long reaction times and of gadolinium on nuclide release. This investigation showed that the five nuclides at long reaction times have similar fractional
more » ... release rates and that the presence of 2% Gd reduced the 99Tc cumulative release fraction by about an order of magnitude over that of a fuel with a similar burnup.
doi:10.1557/proc-713-jj14.1 fatcat:a3amlnr2wrbjnctefygnyhreyi