Comparison Using Express Feeder and Capacitor Bank Allocation to Corrective Voltage Level on Primary Distribution Feeder

Damis Hardiantono, Paulus Mangera
2019 European Journal of Electrical Engineering  
This study aimed to: examine the total power loss of the primary distribution system and the impact of the capacitor bank and express feeder allocation to corrective voltage level on the primary distribution system. Therefore, a case study was taken in the primary distribution of the PLTD (diesel generation) Kelapa Lima Merauke then using Electrical Transient and Analysis Program (ETAP) simulation models to make power flow analyzing. The datas needed is one-line diagram, nominal voltage,
more » ... or rating, bus, transformer and transmission / distribution. The results obtained are normal loading power losses of 0.014 MW, voltage level for Feeder of Kota Satu was still stable because in cover range of voltage drop ± 5 %. The other side, corrective voltage level for Feeder of Merkuri from 17.65 kV to 17.75 kV after capasitor bank in amount of 134 kVAr allocated, drop voltage decreased from 13.31 % to 11.25 %, but it still unstable because out of cover range of voltage drop. For that, after using express feeder can be correct voltage level for feeder of Merkuri from 17.65 kV to 19.39 kV or drop voltage decreased from 13.31 % to 3.05 %. Therefore, using express feeder on Merkuri feeder better than capacitor bank allocation.
doi:10.18280/ejee.210402 fatcat:7krr5wrvqzaobpktxrr6c62jxi