Asking about Content and Adding Content: two Patterns of Classroom Interaction

Edgar Lucero Batavia
2012 Colombian Applied Linguistics Journal  
This research project focuses on identifying and describing the interactional patterns and the speech acts that emerge and are maintainedthrough teacher-student interactions in a university-level EFL Pre-intermediate class. This work also analyzes how these patterns potentiallyinfluence the participants' interactional behavior. This study then answers two questions: what interactional patterns emerge and how they arestructured in interactions between the teacher and the students in the EFL
more » ... ? And, how can the utterances that compose the interactionalpatterns potentially influence both interactants' interactional behavior in the EFL class? The description and analysis of the problem followethnomethodological conversation analysis. The findings show that there are two main interactional patterns in the EFL class observed for thisstudy: asking about content, and adding content. Both patterns present characteristic developments and speech acts that potentially influencethe teacher and students' interactional behavior in this class. These findings serve as a reference and evidence for the interactional patterns thatemerge in EFL classroom interaction and the influence they have on the way both interactants use the target language in classroom interaction.
doi:10.14483/22487085.3811 fatcat:bsbchnwinvfdtnq6plwq7foqky