Mechanism of mechanical quenching and mechanoluminescence in phosphorescent CaZnOS:Cu

Dong Tu, Chao-Nan Xu, Yuki Fujio, Akihito Yoshida
2015 Light: Science & Applications  
This article reports a new phosphorescent material, CaZnOS:Cu, that exhibits two types of mechano-optical conversion: mechanical quenching and mechanoluminescence. An intense mechanical quenching of phosphorescence corresponding to mechanical stimuli can be achieved in CaZnOS:Cu within a short decay time period. Over time, it gradually changes to mechanoluminescence when a mechanical load is applied. We propose that the mechanical quenching and mechanoluminescence arise from the different roles
more » ... of shallow and deep traps in CaZnOS:Cu. CaZnOS:Cu has promising applications in monitoring mechanical stress in industrial plants, structures, and living bodies.
doi:10.1038/lsa.2015.129 fatcat:rizsbc5awjbrtdcyftx4mynevi