Assyrian Echoes of the Word. Thomas Laurie

1895 The Biblical World  
BOOK RE VIE WS. 229 interior, moral history, so to speak, in which there is nothing whatever retained of the external occurrences. Space will not allow us to go more fully into his discussion. He has apparently almost at the same time as Maurice Vernes, and for similar reasons, entirely thrown off the yoke of orthodox exegesis, even the exegesis of Graf, Kuenen, Reuss and Wellhausen. M. Loeb certainly admires the great works of this latter school, but does not at all accept their results. He
more » ... oys a liberty entirely his own and is bound by no shackles. The book is a good illustration and sample of the latest and most radical school which has its headquarters in Paris. It is simply the logical outcome of the free-handed and subjective method of criticism which had its roots in Holland and Germany. We see here the legitimate fruits and most startling results, even according to the acknowledgment of those who "set the ball to rolling." The author of this volume has been very highly praised, being a Jew himself, by those who work in the same line, and on every hand receives the highest commendation for his thoroughness and acuteness. The book, unfortunately, has no index, either of Scripture texts or of topics. The Psalms are designated in a table of contents according to the theme which they separately discuss. PRICE. Assyrian Echoes of the Word. By REV. THOMAS LAURIE, D.D. With illus-
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