Study on the Motion Stability of the Autonomous Underwater Helicopter

Yuan Lin, Jin Guo, Haonan Li, Hai Zhu, Haocai Huang, Ying Chen
2022 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering  
The hydrodynamic performance of a novel hovering autonomous underwater vehicle, the autonomous underwater helicopter (AUH), with an original disk-shaped hull (HG1) and an improved fore–aft asymmetric hull (HG3), is investigated by means of computational fluid dynamics with the adoption of overlapping mesh method. The hydrodynamic performance of the two hull shapes in surge motion with variation of the angle of attack is compared. The results show that HG3 has less resistance and higher motion
more » ... ability compared to HG1. With the angle of attack reaching 10 degrees, both HG1 and HG3 achieve the maximum lift-to-drag ratio, which is higher for HG3 compared to HG1. Furthermore, based on the numerical simulation of the plane motion mechanism test (PMM) and according to Routh's stability criterion, the horizontal movement and vertical movement stability indexes of HG1 and HG3 (GHHG1=1.0, GVHG1=49.7, GHHG2=1.0, GVHG3=2.1) are obtained, which further show that the AUH has better vertical movement stability than the torpedo-shaped AUV. Furthermore, the scale model tail velocity experiment indirectly shows that HG3 has better hydrodynamic performance than HG1.
doi:10.3390/jmse10010060 fatcat:d2zul5sgdnaerj7iilcn243dye