The Effects of Endometriosis on Ovarian Functions

Michio Kitajima, Kanako Matsumoto, Itsuki Kajimura, Ayumi Harada, Noriko Miyashita, Asako Matsumura, Yuriko Kitajima, Kiyonori Miura
2021 Endocrines  
Infertility is a main manifestation of endometriosis, though the exact pathogenesis of endometriosis-associated infertility remains unclear. Compromised ovarian functions may be one of the causes of endometriosis related infertility. The ovarian function can be classified into three basic elements, (1) production of ovarian hormones, (2) maintenance of follicular development until ovulation, and (3) reservoir of dormant oocytes (ovarian reserve). The effects of endometriosis on ovarian hormone
more » ... roduction and follicular development are inconclusive. Ovarian endometrioma is common phonotype of endometriosis. Development of endometrioma per se may affect ovarian reserve. Surgery for endometriomas further diminish ovarian reserve, especially women with bilateral involvement. Early intervention with surgery and/or medical treatment may be beneficial, though firm evidence is lacking. When surgery is chosen in women at reproductive age, specific techniques that spare ovarian function should be considered.
doi:10.3390/endocrines2020014 fatcat:dqbedbkpazdydmjytxrsbfx4xa