A rare case of transverse myelitis associated with pregnancy CASE REPORT

Anagha Chidrawar, Lakshmi Rachk, Chief Resident, Anagha Chidrawar
Transverse Myelitis is a rare but well recognized neurological manifestation in G3P1L1A1 who developed an acute spinal cord lesion presenting to our OPD with bilateral lower limb weakness and cramps at 28 weeks of pregnancy preceded by fever of two days.MRI was the diagnostic tool. A 23 years old G3P1L1A1 with 28 weeks gestation age came to our OPD on wheel chair, she was unable to walk with lower limb weakness and cramps which was preceded by fever of two days. On examination vitals were
more » ... . On per abdomen examination, was corresponding with the gestational age with relaxed abdomen. On per vaginal examination os was closed. On CVS examination, peripheral pulsations were present. CNS examination, bilateral hypotonia (flaccid limbs)was there. Reflexes were delayed. Bilateral motor power was 0/5 in lower limbs. She then developed urinary hesitancy.