'The leadership interface': effective leadership communication for contemporary global leaders

Ian C. Woodward
Academic literature is replete with studies highlighting the vitality and importance of communication interactions for effective leadership. However, research devoted to providing a deeply integrated picture of effective leadership communication and its attributes, encompassing elements such as context, content, structure, delivery,collaboration and communication styles, combined with leadership behaviors (which are frequently reflected through communication behaviors), is extremely rare.
more » ... s are even more infrequent that examine leadership communication through the prism of the dynamic contemporary global business and organizational environment – the volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and diverse (VUCAD) world. Consequently, the central question addressed in this thesis is: "What are the key attributes of effective leadership communication required for contemporary global organizational leaders in a VUCAD world?" By a deductive and thematic analysis of the plethora of classic and contemporary studies on leadership and communication (and contributions from original thesis publications), this dissertation seeks to address such a gap in the literature. The primary focus is the identification of a useful and fully integrative definition of 'effective leadership communication', together with its attributes, for contemporary global leaders in the VUCAD context. This connects the leadership environment of interactions with public, group, interpersonal, intrapersonal and behavioral leadership communication. To address the above foci and the thesis question, a framework, titled the 'Leadership Interface', is developed. This framework is built upon a rich definition (derived from the research) of 'effective leadership communication', as : achieving successful interaction, engagement and exchanges between leaders and stakeholders, within the dynamic leadership environment, inside and outside an organization or setting, to create shared meaning, understanding and satisfaction for the stakeholders, in specific situa [...]
doi:10.25949/19431389.v1 fatcat:n7ixrygekza6dlxajbynaugf5e