Two New Records of Crangonid Shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea) in Korean Waters

Jung-Nyun Kim, Jung-Hwa Choi, Kwang-Ho Choi, Sung-Tae Kim, Dae-Soo Chang
2008 Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity  
Two crangonid shrimps, Paracrangon abei Kubo, 1937 and Pontocaris sibogae (De Man, 1918), collected from the northeastern and southeastern waters of Jeju Island, are newly recorded into the Korean fauna. The former is the second species and the latter is the only species of each genus recorded in Korea. Morphological and distributional accounts of these two species are briefly discussed.
doi:10.5635/kjsz.2008.24.3.265 fatcat:l3bwilvhp5dhplhlp4c4d5ntle