Kinetics of Impurity Removal in Zinc Hydrometallurgy Based on Parameter Estimation

Qianqian Wang, Minan Tang, Aimin An, Jiawei Lu, Yingying Zhao, L. Xing, M.S. Tahir
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
Impurity removal is a momentous part of zinc hydrometallurgy process. In this paper, a hybrid modeling method of mechanism modeling and parameter estimation modeling was proposed on the basis of not changing the actual production process of lead-zinc smeltery. Firstly, the overall nonlinear dynamic mechanism model was established, and then the deviation between the theoretical value and the actual detected outlet ion concentration was taken as the objective function to establish the parameter
more » ... ish the parameter estimation optimization model. The gradient vector and Hessian matrix of the objective function with respect to the parameter vector were derived, and the algorithm based on the steepest descent and Newton method was given. Finally, using the production data of a lead-zinc smeltery in China, the model parameters were inversed. An intensive simulation validation and analysis of the dynamic characteristics shows the accuracy and the potential of the model, also in the perspective of practical implementation, which provides the basis for the optimal control of system output and the guidance for zinc powder addition.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202126702051 fatcat:4c7oqz4qwvaefa6dhtcvqkax5q