A Novel Power Inversion Antenna Array for the Beidou Navigation Satellite System

Yiheng Jin, Hao Zhang, Tingting Lu, Hua Yang, T. Aaron Gulliver
2019 IEEE Access  
Power inversion (PI) arrays have been employed to suppress interference in satellite navigation systems. When the incident direction of a satellite signal is near that of the interference, there will be a significant degradation in the signal to noise ratio (SNR). To reduce this degradation, a PI antenna array composed of a right-hand circular polarized (RHCP) antenna and a spatially-spread electromagnetic vector sensor (SS-EMVS) subarray is proposed, which can suppress interference and acquire
more » ... satellite signals in both the polarized and spatial domains. Even when the satellite signal is incident from the same direction as the interference, the SNR degradation can be reduced by exploiting the difference in polarization states. It is shown that the filtering is improved in the polarization domain compared with an RHCP PI array, and the SNR loss is lower than with an SS-EMVS PI array while the computational complexity is not increased. Furthermore, the proposed PI array is effective for all Beidou satellite system public service signals. INDEX TERMS Power inversion array, electromagnetic-vector-sensor, interference suppression, global navigation satellite system.
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2900162 fatcat:nujtae3fknfwxc3ap7gktpztrm