Online Scheduling with Makespan Minimization: State of the Art Results, Research Challenges and Open Problems [article]

Debasis Dwibedy, Rakesh Mohanty
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Online scheduling has been a well studied and challenging research problem over the last five decades since the pioneering work of Graham with immense practical significance in various applications such as interactive parallel processing, routing in communication networks, distributed data management, client-server communications, traffic management in transportation, industrial manufacturing and production. In this problem, a sequence of jobs is received one by one in order by the scheduler
more » ... scheduling over a number of machines. On arrival of a job, the scheduler assigns the job irrevocably to a machine before the availability of the next job with an objective to minimize the completion time of the scheduled jobs. This paper highlights the state of the art contributions for online scheduling of a sequence of independent jobs on identical and uniform related machines with a special focus on preemptive and non-preemptive processing formats by considering makespan minimization as the optimality criterion. We present the fundamental aspects of online scheduling from a beginner's perspective along with a background of general scheduling framework. Important competitive analysis results obtained by well-known deterministic and randomized online scheduling algorithms in the literature are presented along with research challenges and open problems. Two of the emerging recent trends such as resource augmentation and semi-online scheduling are discussed as a motivation for future research work.
arXiv:2001.04698v1 fatcat:4pnxnrya6nfvdcuwx5tstljb3m