An Experiment to Design an Operation and Maintenance System Integrating Apriori Association Rules for a Telecom Platform

Chengfan Li, Lan Liu, Junjuan Zhao, Yuejun Liu, Simone Morosi
2021 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
The operation and maintenance management of telecom platforms puts more emphasis on operation and alarm monitoring and less on business flow, and it is difficult to have a seamless connection between operation and maintenance and sales. To improve the cooperative efficiency and the informatization level of telecom platform operation and maintenance, a new operation and maintenance system integrating Apriori association rules for a telecom platform is proposed. In this paper, the Apriori
more » ... m is firstly used to analyse the fault correlation of the operation and maintenance system of the telecommunications platform to get the alarm message. Then, the fault risk of the operation and maintenance platform is evaluated intelligently by the system-business alarm causality model. Finally, based on the fixed end and the mobile end, the dynamic presentation of the system running state and alarm monitoring, device query and positioning, and online and offline inspection are implemented and designed, respectively. Experimental results show that the proposed operation and maintenance systems integrating Apriori association rules for the telecom platform innovate the cooperative mode between the operations and sales team, and the average time reduces to 3.9 minutes from 4.7 minutes and the risk forecasting accuracy increases from 8% to 26%. The assumed method can significantly improve the operational efficiency and intelligent level of the telecom platform's system and business.
doi:10.1155/2021/1185584 fatcat:ubhtskrdyvd3febrznw4j55b24