Solitons in supersymmety breaking meta-stable vacua

Minoru Eto, Koji Hashimoto, Seiji Terashima
2007 Journal of High Energy Physics  
In recently found supersymmetry-breaking meta-stable vacua of the supersymmetric QCD, we examine possible exsitence of solitons. Homotopy groups of the moduli space of the meta-stable vacua show that there is no nontrivial soliton for SU(N_c) gauge group. When U(1)_B symmetry present in the theory is gauged, we find non-BPS solitonic (vortex) strings whose existence and properties are predicted from brane configurations. We obtain explicit classical solutions which reproduce the predicitions.
more » ... the predicitions. For SO(N_c) gauge group, we find there are solitonic strings for N = N_f-N_c+4 = 2, and Z_2 strings for the other N. The strings are meta-stable as they live in the meta-stable vacua.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2007/03/061 fatcat:ys57a2gvevaxtevcoembrfxg5q