A study of the transformation temperature of sulphur by means of X-ray diffraction photographs [article]

R. G. Simmers, University Of Canterbury
On July 6th, 1826 Mitscherlich presented to the Berlin Academy his outstanding crystallographic paper, in which he announced his discovery that one of the best known of chemical elements, Sulphur, was capable of crystallising in two distinct forms belonging to the rhombic and monoclinic systems respectively. Other, but less important crystalline forms of sulphur exist or have since been discovered (Gernez 13; Lowry 47; Friedel 8; Engel 21; Wilkinson 60; Smith and Carson 45), while in addition
more » ... ere have been isolated at least two forms of amorphous sulphur and one form of colloidal (21). The two forms due to Mitscherlich and their main properties will first be treated in detail.
doi:10.26021/5639 fatcat:3z3gsscvinfydivtmcthwmyjjq