A Super High Resolution Distance Measurement Method Based on Phase Comparison

Li Zhi-Qi, Zhou Wei, Miao Miao, Zhou Hui, Zheng Sheng-Feng
2008 Chinese Physics Letters  
Phase comparison method can enhance the measurement resolution to 10 −13 /τ in time domain. This method can also be used in distance measurement in the navigation and positioning. We propose a super high-resolution distance measurement based on linear phase comparison method. A high resolution scheme is put forward on the basis of the research of major factors concerning the phase comparison in the distance measurement. Conversion of a high-linearity phase difference to voltage and
more » ... on voltage meter make it possible to obtain a very high phase measurement resolution. When the purpose is to measure distance, the phase noise of frequency source used in the measurement can be reduced partly. Thus this method is favourable for high resolution distance measurement. The precision of the distance measurement can reach 0.1c ps with c being the velocity of light in vacuum.
doi:10.1088/0256-307x/25/8/024 fatcat:sfz6zfg7yzge5b3pgiotoxqdg4