Influence of Annealing on Delamination Toughening of Mo-Bearing Medium-Carbon Steel with Ultrafine Elongated Grain Structure Processed by Warm Tempforming

Yuuji Kimura, Tadanobu Inoue
2021 ISIJ International  
Ultrafine elongated grain (UFEG) structure with a strong <110>// rolling direction fiber texture was created for a 0.4%C-2%Si-1%Cr-1%Mo steel (mass%) through deformation of tempered martensite using multi-pass caliber rolling at 773 K with a rolling reduction of 78% (i.e. warm tempforming). Annealing of the warm tempformed steel at 843 K enhanced delamination toughening at lower temperatures without a significant loss of tensile strength at 1.8 GPa. It was suggested that delamination toughening
more » ... was controlled through the precipitation of nanoscale Mo-rich precipitates in the UFEG structure.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.isijint-2021-068 fatcat:lfalygaab5fovmp7gi5ngaevsi