Symbolic Capital of Hindu in Local Islamic Sasak Ethnic Ritual in Bayan District

I. Wayan Wirata
2017 Proceedings of the International Conference on Ethics in Governance (ICONEG 2016)   unpublished
Tradition and religion local Islamic Sasak ethnic ritual in Bayan district often use ritual symbols as sacrificial. The existence of symbols used is one of Hindu capital's identity in Panca Yadnya ritual, such as big ceremony (begawe beleq). Furthermore, in the social structure symbol of local Islamic figure in Bayan district has similarities with Hindu. The three central figures pervade: Pemangku, Pembekel, and Penghulu. Pemangku is in charge for customs and agriculture in his village,
more » ... is village, Pembekel is dealing with village government and marriage, and Penghulu is in charge to overcome religion and death. Religious regulation is always performed using sacred symbols in ritual activity at Pedewak, Old Mosque (Masjid Kuno), and tomb. As for traditional rituals and religious symbols of local Islamic Sasak Ethnic, in principle can be divided into three types associated with traditional religion (gamma), customs outside religion (lwir gamma) and customs related to life and death.
doi:10.2991/iconeg-16.2017.84 fatcat:cpw5dpvwc5hqthglnhe3d263hu