Evidence of a sulfur-boron-hydrogen complex in GaAs grown by the liquid encapsulation Czochralski technique

W. Ulrici, B. Clerjaud
2004 Physical Review B  
In LEC-grown GaAs:S, two vibrational absorption lines are measured at 2382.2 and 2392.8 cm −1 ͑T =7 K͒ and assigned to 11 B-H and 10 B -H stretching modes. Uniaxial stress experiments reveal that the symmetry of the responsible complex is C s . Bond strength considerations suggest that this complex is a S As -B Ga pair passivated by hydrogen bonded to boron. The constituents of this S-B-H complex are located within a {110} plane.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.70.205214 fatcat:ze7mgn4eejgzxdq7qcyvk35kzy