Abstracts of the 32th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams June 5 - June 9, 2015 Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Michael Schredl, International Journal Of Dream Research
Dreams and waking memories share many common neural pathways. Emotional trauma produces changes in both the brain and dreaming, with nightmares and insomnia typical of PTSD. This presentation reviews the research into EFT for PTSD, and the new fi eld of memory reconsolidation and extinction. It shows how traumatic memories are formed and consolidated, and how effective therapy changes the brain as well as alleviating distressful sleep and dream experiences. Separate lines of research
more » ... that stress can selectively benefi t the consolidation of emotional memories, as can the occurrence of sleep soon after learning. Yet virtually nothing is known about how these factors interact to infl uence emotional memory formation. In this talk, I will explore how sleep and stress mutually infl uence long term emotional memories, arguing that stress hormones help "tag" information as important to remember at the time of encoding, thus enabling subsequent, sleep-based processes to optimally and selectively consolidate emotional information. The depths of the psyche are revealed in dramas created by our unconscious selves and staged in fi ve dream theatres. Each theatre features a player from an archetypal cast fi rst unearthed by the brilliant inner archaeologist, Dr. Carl Jung. The players are Ego, Persona, Shadow, Anima/Animus, and Self. Dr. Raffa, a student, teacher, and writer about Jungian psychology and dreamwork for over 25 years, has based her presentation, "Dream Theatres of the Soul," on her widelyused book of the same name. With explanations of Jung's theories and examples drawn from over 4,600 of her own dreams, she will describe her way of working with dreams, the roles of each player, and the life-changing effects of refl ecting and acting on their messages. Content This supplement of the International Journal of Dream Research includes the abstracts of presenters who gave consent to the publishing. The abstracts are categorized into thematic groups and within the category sorted according to the last name of the fi rst presenter. Affi liations are included only for the fi rst author. A name register at the end is also provided.
doi:10.11588/ijodr.2015.0.23098 fatcat:yk54dt6sgjhfbgv5wupva2ljpe