Pengembangan Model Sistem Peringatan Dini Konflik Menggunakan Prediktor Identitas Sosial

Hadi Suyono
The purpose of this study is to investigate the modeling of conflict early warning system through social identity consists of categorization, group identification, and group bias. This study uses a quantitative approach to modifying the three methods: a structural model, type sequential models, types conjunctual models.. This Study involve 279 of member of Paguyuban Petani Lahan Pantai Kulon Progo as respondents that was chosen through proportion random sampling. Analysis to used second order
more » ... nfirmatory factor analysis resulted in the finding that social identity consisting of categorization, group identification, and group bias proved to be a predictor conflict. According to the particularities of the early warning system can be given a recommendation as a preventive measure so that that conflict does not escalate into manifest. Recommendations can be given more attention is the dimension of group bias due to give the largest contribution as forming a social identity by minimizing group bias. The Precautions taken are the outsiders were able to establish cooperation with the farmers. Out group helpful as a comparison without group. Out group are groups that become the reference for farmers. Reference of out group is to decrease the group bias.
doi:10.26555/humanitas.v14i1.4894 fatcat:qce2go7ftnhyrikg4w3ra7jqim